Additional Funding

If you are a homeowner looking for a loan to reduce your monthly expenditure by consolidating debts, spreading payments for a large investment or carrying out home improvements – secured loans with Blue Crocodile are a great place to start.

We also work with businesses to find attractive and affordable lending, to help with cashflow, growth and unexpected costs.

Debt Consolidation

Combining credit cards, car loans and other unplanned or unsecured debt can reduce your monthly payments. We evaluate our customer’s financial situation to establish the short and long term benefits and disadvantages of consolidating debt through a homeowner loan.

After a straight forward chat, we search the market to establish the most appropriate options available and present an unbiased proposal to help put you in control of your finances.

Home Improvement Loans

In many cases home improvements and extensions can either avoid a costly move or increase the sale value of a property. At Blue Crocodile we help you realise your home’s potential by investing our time in understanding your situation and sourcing the best lending solution.

These longer term loans can make home improvements more affordable as the cost is spread out in a similar way to a mortgage.

Loans for Businesses

From Startups to established small to medium enterprises, our team work with businesses to understand their financial position, the loan requirement and the lending potential available.

It’s our personal service and dedication to our clients that sets us apart from traditional, one size fits all lenders.

We get to know your business before searching for the right commercial funding to help support your plans.

Commercial Finance

With many reasons why a company may require funding, it isn’t always easy to navigate the complexities of loan packages.

At Blue Crocodile, we map out the current position and the short to medium term goals to help discover the best solution that is financially sound for our clients.

If you are looking to consolidate, revisit your current loans or have a current requirement please get in touch.